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July 28, 2016


  • Eendrag, silly season and Pokémons

    The second semester of 2016 has barely arrived and already Eendragters are abuzz with all kinds of activity. We welcome everyone back after the midyear holidays and look forward to experience the ‘silly...

  • The e-Vires

    Good news. Die Eendrag Ondergrond has been busy. Initial consultation between members – addressing various topics of interest, such as The Intuitive Eendragter, House communication, and COB prices - has...

  • Die Eendrag Ondergrond

    Die Eendrag Ondergrond, an in-house name I have given to Eendrag's very own skunkworks (go look at this). The purpose of this project is to enlighten and further Eendrag based upon our most dominant value:...

  • Eendrag conquer Wimbledon title

    A cool, April Fool’s day evening played host to prim-tennis, or rather, prim-table tennis. This Wimbledon cluster event was originally meant to be an event where the prim and vice-prim of the various houses...

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Eendrag's diverse residents consists out of a bunch of firstyears up to even some seventh years.

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Eendrag annually takes part in various different sports:

Eendrag won three out of the past four year's sport trophys (2009, 2010 and 2012). We are really proud to be the leading sport residence on campus.

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