A reflection of this week will take us back to two major events, the first year’s rugby tournament as well as a skakel with Sonop Women’s Residence.

The first year’s rugby team clashed with Huis Visser, where most of the team got their first opportunity to play in the historic Danie Craven Stadium. This setting was fitting for the quality of rugby that was played. They certainly performed to their utmost as they succeeded in beating Huis Visser with 24 points to 7. The big hits, quick passes and line breaks made this match spectacular to watch.

The skakel with Sonop was just as spectacular with those attending going all out with their clothing for the theme thriftshop. Both Eendrag and Sonop had the opportunity to purchase thriftshop clothes at thriftshop prices making this a very authentic evening. This memorable evening saw to it that there were good fun, interesting and peculiarly dressed people.