Kamerreünie is one of those events that the whole house looks forward to. It’s something different. It’s something unique. It’s something that forms an instant bond between a first year and an older house member that is unexplainable. Stories were told and traditions were passed on from the wiser and more experienced Eendragters to those who will do the same at next year’s Kamerreünie.

It truly is a different feeling of connection for a first year to know that these people you are hosting for the evening has walked the same halls, slept in the same bed and showered in the same showers. After a few beers were enjoyed, wisdom was passed on and snacks were passed around, a few events took place. Vigorous pillow fights between sections and the infamous gang gly caused much excitement. The Eendragters took initiative to not waste any water on this occasion as they placed buckets in the showers and saved up throughout a few days to make gang gly possible.

A few bumps and bruises will be sore for a few days, but the remembrances and traditions will stand forever.