The distant sound in the background. The gentle rumble beneath our feet. The silent cry in our chests and the increased heartbeat. The green Jakaranda trees beginning their journey to purple and the orange-breasted men with their faces on the same journey. Singing the songs is not just singing, but forming a bond with the men alongside you and echoing why Eendrag is great. The start of Derby Week is here.

The Gala Evening kicks off the week with the coming together of the rugby first teams and their managers. The rest of the week will be a series of gripping events from anticipating every move on the chess board to the near-death experience of the ping pong ball grazing the net. The tactical skills in Fifa to the back-and-forth moments of tug of war. This week is not for the faint hearted. You will be required to pack in your strongest voice box, your clearest mind and the skills you honed in over the years of your miserable life outside of Eendrag. Pulling you from comfort, forcing you to excel and to bask in the glory of the Orange Wave of fury that will triumph over the chickens who brood cold-footed in its wake.

Uncle Sam wants you. Put on that supporters jersey, stir the envy in peoples’ hearts and puff your chest out. You’re coated in orange, the finest colour to be known to this world. Sing a song for your brother, tackle the other, draw the Royal Flush and get an 8 kill-streak even if you camp. This week is about your house, your home, where you keep all your stuff. 30 Seconds of your life couldn’t be more essential than now. Drop those balls and man up at Stones. If you savour your beer, now is the time to not - if you’re downing.

After all, you were chosen for this res, and slowly you realise that this res was made for you. Being a Draggie isn’t a title that anyone can bear upon their sleeves and some say that not even the Queen could give that title to a noble. Essentially, we have a reputation to uphold and I am certain none of you shall fall short of that. For Eendrag’s name, for its glory and its fame, give Stellenbosch a reason to not find any place else that is greater. Alles vir die Huis.