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Terminology website

Welcome to the Language Centre’s trilingual terminology website!

You can use this site to look up terms and definitions in English, isiXhosa and Afrikaans.

You will find the following subject terminologies here: Sociology, Social Work, Psychology, Law, Economic & Management Sciences, Theology and Engineering. You will also find terminologies for Soccer, Cricket and Rugby.

This is how it works …

Select the subject and then simply type the term you’re looking for into the search bar and click on the search icon. The term will be displayed with its definition in all three languages. If there is more than one definition for the term that you searched for, the most common definition will appear first, followed by the less common definitions of the same term.

 You can also use the alphabetical index to search for a term.  Click on a term and the term and its definition will be displayed in all three languages.

If you’d like to keep your search results at hand you can print them or download them to your computer.

Have your say …

You can help us improve our terminology website by giving us feedback about the site and your particular search.

May this site prove to be a useful, user-friendly tool at your fingertips!

English  •  Afrikaans  •  IsiXhosa
4-2-4  (Soccer)
4-3-3  (Soccer)
4-4-2  (Soccer)
abacus  (Applied Maths)
abatement  (Accounting)
aberration  (Engineering Physics)
ability  (People Management)
ability test  (Sociology)
ab initio  (Family Law)
ablation  (Physiological Psychology)
ablution  (Missiology Theology)
abrogate  (Family Law)
abscissa  (Statistical Method)
absolute convergence  (Applied Maths)
absolute force  (Criminal Law)
absolute (money) price  (Economics)
absolute poverty  (Sociology)
absolute real economic growth  (Economics)
absolute refractory period  (Physiological Psychology)
absolute scale  (Engineering Chemistry)
absolute threshold  (Industrial Psychology)
absolute value  (Applied Maths)
absolve (absolution)  (Systematic Theology)
absorption spectrum  (Electrotechnics)
abstract concepts  (Thinking and Language)

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